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I create stories. You do like stories, right?

I’m a danish filmmaker located in Denmark.

Besides writing and directing, I also work as an actor. I have trained at ’The Arts Educational School of Acting’ in London, England.  I also work as a Hospital Clown.

Since 2010 I have also worked behind the camera both as a director, producer, writer and editor. In 2016 I was nominated ’Music Video Director of the year’, at ’CPH PIX’. Years back some colleagues and I won the ’Audience Award’ for best short film at VideoMarathon. I have written, edited and directed comedy sketches and music videos for TV broadcasting (’Comedy Central’ and ’TV2 Zulu’ among others)

In March 2018 I wrote and directed a drama, starring Ghita Nørby and Charlotte Fich.

I am interested in directing all kinds of genres, – So if you need a director to direct a music video, a movie or a commercial, then write me a message and lets take it from there.

By the way I have been told that I am easy to work with 🙂

Mads Koudal Director - Workshop page
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